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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help women navigate through difficult moments in their lives. HerStory is a platform designed to help women become the best version of themselves and live a purpose-filled life. We Equip-Her with the word of God. We Encourage-Her to build a relationship with God, and we Empower-Her to discover the plan and purpose God has for her life. 



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Pastor Camilla Nesbitt also known as "Lady C" she pastors alongside her husband, Pastor Cobie Nesbitt, at Truth in Love Ministries. A growing and flourishing ministry. Her passion for helping others inspired her to launch her non-profit #HerStory Continues in 2018; her warmth, transparency, and strength draws women far beyond Northeast Florida. 
Through her ministry, many have been set free from the prisons in their minds. Her audience and diversity speak to her ability to connect with people regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or socioeconomic status.
She is the wife of an incredible husband, a mom of 4, a writer for Inspiring Magazine, and the Founder of #HerStory Continues. She skillfully balances ministry, family, and is a continuous model of grace, commitment, and passion. 


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